10 Questions Every New Mom Asks


10 Questions Every New Mom Asks


A new mom is made up of love, exhaustion and questions – a lot of questions. What? Where? When? How? How much? How less? Why? Why not? Will she? Will he not?

Here are 10 Questions Every New Mom Asks the doctor, her elders or fellow new moms and other mom friends of hers. Read on and clarify your doubts!

1. I feel my milk is not enough to fill my newborn’s tummy. How can I increase my breast milk production?

Drink lots of water. Sleep well. Take good rest. Don’t stress yourself. Eat fenugreek seeds (methi daana), shataavari powder, safed moosli powder and aaliv (garden cress seeds). Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

2. Honey is absolutely natural and healthy. Can I give honey to my newborn?

Never give honey to your baby till she is at least a year old. Honey can cause botulism in babies which needs immediate medical attention and is not something you want your baby to go through.

3. Choosing between nappies and diapers is tough. Should I make my baby wear diapers?

It all depends on you, your affordability for diapers and your physical strength. Some people believe that diapers are not good for the baby’s skin, some find it very expensive and not so affordable and some on the contrary, feel that they don’t have the strength and stamina to run after the baby whole day cleaning his pees and poops which is why they don’t opt for diapers. It’s a personal choice that every mom has to make.

4. Which is the best massage oil for my baby?

Click on the pic below to read my answer:

5 best oils for your baby's skin

5. Do I need to put my baby to sleep every night or will she fall asleep on her own?

Many babies fall asleep on their own if they are very sleepy, tired or tummy-full. However, most of the babies (at least till they attain the age of one year) need to be put to sleep by their mother or someone else. It all depends on how you train your child.

6. My newborn baby’s breasts are enlarged and her nipples are swollen. Should I squeeze my newborn’s breasts daily and extract the milk that comes out of them?

No. Don’t ever do that. If you don’t squeeze milk out of them, you might find them swollen for a day or two, but eventually the swelling will subside and the milk will dry out. However, if you do squeeze out the milk, there are very high chances that your baby may catch an infection around that area as well as have painful nipples.

7. Should I go in for stem cell banking?

You can go in for it if you feel it is highly economical or affordable for you. However, after you get this done, don’t wait all your life for your child to fall sick and make use of it!

8. My baby cries a lot. Most of the time without any reason. Why does my newborn cry all the time?

There are several reasons why a baby cries. This post of mine lists out the main ones:

9 reasons why babies cry

9. Motherhood is exhausting. There’s so much I have to take care of. What are the essentials for me and my baby to survive comfortably through the first year of her life?

There are many. Trust me, many. You need to be well prepared to take on the first year of motherhood in the best of spirit and with full enthusiasm. Check out what you would need, in this post of mine.

10. I panic at the thought of stepping out with my newborn. What all should I pack in my diaper bag?

A diaper bag is like your savior when it comes to going out of the house with your newborn. You can’t miss out on anything important and the diaper bag should always be ready before hand when you need to step out. Check out this list of mine on the top 10 things that you should never forget to pack in your diaper bag!

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