14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One

14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One

14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One

The fact that you have clicked open this post of mine and are willing to read on tells me that you are either a new mom, or a mom of a relatively older kid or a mom-to-be or a lady who’s enjoying the golden days of her honeymoon period!

Well, if you ask a mom of a 2.4 year old, ‘the benefits of being a mother‘; then all you’ll get to hear is that they are countless and they really are. There’s no strong and unbeatable reason why a married lady should delay stepping into motherhood.
Nature has made women such that they have been given the infinite power of procreation and not making use of that (even once in a lifetime) is like doing injustice to nature!

For all those beautiful ladies sitting on the other side of the screen, reading this post of mine, I have a humble request to make – go ahead and become a mother! You definitely are missing out on biiiiiiiig things in life, if you still aren’t one!

Here are 14 benefits of being a mother and why you should be one:

14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One
14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One
  1. Being a mother increases your respect for your own mom by tonnes and tonnes (though respect is immeasurable), but it does! You really know what your Mom felt like while giving birth to you and raising you!
  2. You pee a little every time you sneeze and this saves your trips to the washroom!
  3. When you’re a new mom, you get extra special attention while breastfeeding your baby – “Did you eat?”, “Do you need a pillow?” “I’ll get you tea right by your bed-side”, ” I can understand your nipples hurt!”14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One
  4. You get the golden opportunity of changing the meaning of numerous words in your dictionary, by being a mother. For instance, comfort = kids asleep, movies = a dark room with nuisance that you have to tolerate for 3 hours, shower = endless banging on the door, leisure = what’s that?!?
  5. As a mom, you are the SPOC for your child and it makes you feel so good to know that you’re being considered important! Be it the paediatrician, the school teacher at the PTM, or believe it or not, your child’s father – everyone looks up to you when it comes to knowing anything about the child.
  6. Becoming a mother, assures you a cozy place and bed to sleep at night (at least till your child co-sleeps with you). You will definitely be given the most cushioned mattress and will never be allowed to sleep on the floor! Although, who knows this is something your bed at night would actually look like:14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One
  7. You attain some magical power of seeing your own energy, patience and stamina in the form of a human being moving 24 X 7 in front of your eyes.
  8. You can skip driving your car for quite a few months or years after becoming a mom and enjoy trips in the backseat with your kid! What a pleasure it is!
  9. Being a Mumma gives you the privilege of giving birth to the most beautiful creation of Nature – babies! Oh! Did I mention, you have to clean poops and stay awake at night always after?14 Benefits of Being A Mother And Why You Should Be One
  10. You learn to smile (or sometimes laugh) despite being at the peak of your anger!
  11. Being a mother imparts you with an extraordinary ability to hear your child turn during sleep in the next room even when a New Year’s Party is going on in full swing at home!
  12. You earn a chance to clean up the messes you didn’t make and I bet you love it!
  13. As a mother you are a multi-talented super woman who effing knows how to do everything with just two hands, one brain, two eyes and one unit of a photographic memory!
  14. You learn to not lose patience even when you’re constantly talking and no one’s listening – at all!

The biggest benefit of being a mother is that it makes you realize and feel great about the fact that only mothers can do what mothers can do, otherwise even fathers would have been mothers!

To know the real benefits of being a mother, you will have to be one and see for yourself. If you already are, then please let me know the benefits that you derived from motherhood, in the comments section below!

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