5 Innovative Ways To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Kid


5 Innovative Ways To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Kid

Innovative Ways

There are only two kinds of kids in this world: those who love bath time and those who don’t.

If your kid loves to be in the washroom and hates to come out of it, then, probably, you’re one of the lucky moms. But, if your kid doesn’t enjoy bath time then I’m sure you face the same struggle every day, day after day!

Here are 5 innovative ways to make bath time fun for your kid:

1. Splash Pool

Kids love the idea of swimming pools as the huge quantity of water fascinates and excites them.It’s not easy to take them to a pool every time they have a bath, so create one of your own at home by inflating a pool that suits your bathroom size and your kids’ age and see your kid making way to the bathroom willingly. Do make it a point to reuse the pool water later to water your garden in order to save water!

2. Toys Re-presentation

Re-present the old or boring toys of your little one to her in the bathroom, in a fresh and creative way.Regular toys like building blocks, rubber duckies, plastic animals or dolls etc. if presented in a different way; can make her feel happy to be in the bathtub and might ignite her interest in bath time.

3. Revamping the Washroom

Not all kids love those boring looking washrooms that you as an adult have been using since ages. It would be great if you could redo the walls by using tiles of kids’ series, change the mirror to that of a star or a heart shape one. You could also get innovative and change the sanitary ware of your kids’ washroom.Hindware (HSIL), just bagged the Good Homes Award 2015 for the most innovative brand in the sanitary ware category. Its innovative bathroom fixtures from its kids collection ‘Poncho’ is pretty affordable and will come really handy if you are planning to revamp your child’s washroom. Poncho, dedicated to young users, has very cute and adorable designs and comes with advanced features that are child-friendly to provide warm comfort to your kid. Redoing your washroom interiors will make your kid want to be in there all day long, making things much easier for you.

4. Bubble Bath

I haven’t seen or known a kid who dislikes bubbles.You can fill the washroom with bubbles and give a fun bubble bath to your child. Bubbles attract kids because they love to blow them as well as burst them. This interesting activity will pull them towards enjoying their bath time with you.

5. Colored Water

Change the color of your kid’s bath water by adding safe-to-be-consumed food color to their bath water. This will not cause any harm to your child if she drinks up some of her bath water nor will it stain your washroom walls or floor.Instead, the fun that your child will have while bathing in green or red water will be priceless and you will easily be able to do away with the daily struggle of making your kid take a bath with a smile on her face.

With these very simple yet innovative ways, you will surely be able to make your kids’ bath time an activity that she will look forward to. Try these out and let us know how your experience was! Pictures are always welcome!

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