9 Reasons Why Babies Cry


9 Reasons Why Babies Cry

9 reasons why babies cry

True to popular belief, it shatters a mother’s heart to see her baby cry; no matter what the reason is-No! Matter! What!

Being a mother to a 2-month old baby, rather, being a 2-month old mother; has made me efficient enough to blog on the various reasons for which babies cry.
Presenting before you, my analysis…

9 Reasons Why Babies Cry

1. Hunger!

Most babies cry most of the time mostly because of hunger. The hunger level is directly proportional to the baby’s high-pitched shrill cry.

2. Diaper

A wet or a dirty diaper irritates the baby to the core! Babies love fresh diapers and at least for my baby- the crying stops the moment he hears the diaper tabs being pulled off!

3. Cold Feelings

When the baby feels too cold (to the extent that his hands and feet start feeling cold when touched), he or she tends to cry out of discomfort.

4. Colic

Gas trouble or colic pain irritates the baby badly and causes immense discomfort that is, physical discomfort to the baby and emotional discomfort to the concerned parents, as well. Only when the baby passes wind or burps, does he feel fine.

5. Over Stimulation

When the baby is handled by many people, is constantly on the move, or is passed from hand-to-hand among strangers, then such over stimulation may leave the baby uneasy leading to crying.

6. The Need To Be Held

Many times, the baby gets bored, tired or restless lying on her back. Seeing people move around her or talk to her-without holding her-gets on her nerves. Crying is what this results into.

7. Sleepy Sleepy

Scores of instances in the past two months made me realize that a baby cries when she is sleepy and since she is too young to fall asleep on her own, she cries as a plea to us to put her to sleep.

8. Swaddle Me!

Not swaddling the baby comfortably enough can lead him to shed tears! Swaddling makes the baby feel secure, warm and comfortable-exactly how he was inside Mumma’s belly!

9. No Good Reason

Countless times the baby cries for no particular reason and that is the day, when you are said to ‘have had it!!!’

This is the time when such posts, blogs, websites and traditional advice do not work. Basically, nothing works and you got to get back to the drawing board! What works is your luck and fate!

Oops! Forgot one last reason why babies cry! They tend to cry for no reason when their Mumma is on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Firstcry or Jabong OR is blogging about their crying on Being Mumma!

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