A Typical Day In The Life Of A New Mom


A Typical Day In The Life Of A New Mom

Before I Became A Mom

7 am


8 am

Ginger tea in the balcony, happily soaking in the sun.

9 am

Bath (followed by pondering; for more than half-an-hour on what to wear, which bodywash to use, which hairstyle to wear and the like!)

10 am

Breakfast (Aloo Parathas! Yummmm! I love them!)

11 am

Sprawling on the sofa in front of the TV to watch just about any movie that is being shown on TV!

12 noon

Cleaning my room and doing the laundry.

1.30 pm


2.30 pm

Facebooking, Instragamming, video calling and social media-ing!

3.30 pm


4.30 pm


5.30 pm

Time for another cup of hot ginger tea.

6.30 pm

Yoga–Ah! Feels so fresh!

7.30 pm


8.30 pm


9.30 pm

Post dinner walk with my spouse – the most quality time of the day and also the most romantic one. 

10.30 pm

Time to doze off!

11.00 pm


After I Became a Mom

7 am

[Baby crying]

“Oh my baby! My daaaarling! Hungry? Are you? Two mins! Gimme just twoooo mins!”

Up on the bed, scruffy hair, smelly mouth, half asleep! It’s Milk-Time!

8 am

Ginger Tea… tea cup in one hand, tidying the room with the other…me still half asleep, but baby fully asleep, so this is my busy free time!

9 am

Knock! Knock!

The maalish waali bai is here!

Arranging for bath water, baby’s clothes, diaper, massage oil and tidying the baby bed.

10 am

[Baby crying]

It’s Milk-time!

11 am

“Oh Gosh! Totally forgot to have my breakfast! Have to finish my bath as well! Thank heavens the baby is sleeping! Let me finish my bath and breakfast.”

12 noon

Doing the baby’s and non-baby laundry separately!

1 pm

[Baby crying]

Changing the diaper.  It’s also Milk-time!

2 pm

“Good Lord! I am damn hungry!” [Baby sleeping, so this is my busy free time!]

“Whoa! My favorite veggie for lunch! Looks like a reward for all that I have been through since morning!”

[Just as I am thinking this, the baby gets up! I wonder…is it Milk-time? I conclude: any time can be Milk-time!]

3 pm

[Baby sleeping, so this is hopefully my busy free time!]

I decide to take a power nap so that I feel a bit refreshed at night.

My head rests on the pillow and baby starts crying!

Diaper change. Baby wants Mumma. Could be Milk-time!

4 pm

Tea time. Badly need some tea, if not sleep! Totally exhausted due to sleep deprivation.

5 pm

Time to change the baby’s clothes: shirt, diaper, pant, mittens, booties, cap! Also, need to swaddle him thereafter.

6 pm

It surely is Milk-time! Where is that busy free time of mine? �?

7 pm

Dinner preparations

8 pm

“Whoof! It’s Milk-time! Let me check the diaper! Oh! No! Gotta change!”

9 pm

Dinnnnnneeerrrrr! I’m hungryyyy!

10 pm

Preparing the baby’s bed. Changeover of baby’s clothes! My night-time medicine! My nighttime brush routine! Could have been my busy free time, but…[baby crying]

Milk-time again!

12 midnight

Baby crying incessantly. Is it the diaper? No!

Is it Milk-time? No!

Is he sleepy? Not at all!

Arrrggghhh! Then what is it?

Whole family pacing up and down my room and trying their best to guess ‘what’s-wrong-with-the-baby’?

Damn! This is neither my busy free time; nor Milk-time! This is just sleeping time for a normal human being…which- I realize- I am ‘not’ anymore!

2.30 am

It’s Milk-time!

Totally sleep deprived! Clueless as to what is where and what’s going on.

4.45 am

What else? Milk-time!

6.30 am

Just can’t manage anymore!

I handover the baby to Daddy and plead him to help me catch up on my sleep!


…and it’s a vicious circle, you know!

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