Basket of Joys: Motherhood


Basket of Joys: Motherhood


Motherhood is one beautiful basket that is jam-packed with joys that a lady can never experience till she becomes a Mom herself. I have tried to outline this basket of joys: motherhood by penning down a few of those feelings and experiences that I came across during this 2.6 year old motherhood of mine…

Motherhood is all about the joy of:

  1. feeling your baby kick inside your tummy knowing that you are the only privileged one who can feel this.
  2. hearing your newborn cry, the moment he comes into this world.
  3. holding her in your arms right in the labor room.
  4. breastfeeding your newborn and feeling butterflies in your stomach as she sucks onto your nipples
  5. getting up a zillion times in the middle of the night just to check if he’s breathing and then lovingly caress his forehead feeling amazed at your own creation.
  6. feeling great when your baby continues to cry when in someone else’s arms and stops crying the moment she comes to you.
  7. having given your parents the pleasure of becoming grandparents.
  8. sporting stretch marks on your tummy and not feeling bad but proud about it.
  9. having given birth to a cute and divine baby.
  10. generating that extra ounce of energy to get through every tantrum of your little one.
  11. being the one that your child wants to hug onto as soon as he gets up in the morning.
  12. stepping out to buy you a dress and end up buying your child’s clothes instead.
  13. saving that last bite of the cake because it’s your child’s favorite.
  14. being after your kid all the time to feed her veggies.
  15. experiencing the feeling of thinking sub-consciously about your child all the time
  16. scolding your child knowing on the inside that it’s good for her.
  17. burning the midnight oil when your child falls ill.
  18. pretending to your child that you are not afraid of cockroaches and lizards, just so that she doesn’t develop a fear against them.
  19. feeling like an expert parent when it comes to your own child
  20. taking 1,856 pictures of your kid in a day and still not feeling satisfied
  21. knowing that you are irreplaceable
  22. realizing and finally admitting that your mom was always right!
  23. experiencing the true meaning of unconditional love
  24. understanding what your child does not say
  25. being a Super Mom!

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