Castaway Mommy


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Castaway Mommy

Here’s my third post for the letter ‘C’ on the A to Z blogging challenge:

Cast Away Mommy


Far far away, lonely at this shore,

I can’t recognize myself – the one I once adored.

Around me are many:

kids, work and honey.

Still I feel lonely;

just because I’m a mommy…

I had a life back there on my land,

friends and fun, on the beach, in the sand.

This island is completely different,

all about the load of the future and the current.

There’s no time to think of myself,

have parked my feelings on a far away shelf.

They say, time is the best healer,

and I hope I find relief’s dealer.

Till then I’ll live life with my happy dummy,

after all, I am…

…A Castaway Mommy…

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