9 Reasons Why Babies Cry

9 Reasons Why Babies Cry True to popular belief, it shatters a mother’s heart to see her baby cry; no matter what the reason is-No! Matter! What! Being a mother to a 2-month old baby, rather, being a 2-month old mother; has made me efficient enough to blog on the various reasons for which babies … Read more

What Not To Do?

What Not To Do? As ‘Mummas’, we always give and take advises on what should be done, what is simply a must and what should just not slip out of our minds at all! But! No book, no website and ‘Nobody’ tells us: “What not to do!” So, as a dedication to my 8 months … Read more

There’s No Substitute for Mother’s Love

There’s No Substitute for Mother’s Love Hello ladies! It’s been long long long (like, really long) since I blogged about the awesome-ness of being a mother. Well! Any guesses, as to what’s keeping me busy? Before that, I have a special disclaimer… I am blogging today, for those moms who had a full fledged full … Read more

Why Did I Have To Grow Up?

Why Did I Have To Grow Up? Very recently while fighting with a dear school friend over Whatsapp messages, tears came rolling down my cheeks and I started missing my childhood badly. I started wondering how beautiful, innocent and simple childhood was and how it wasn’t as complicated and as binding as today’s adult life. … Read more