How My Mom Prepared ‘Herself’ For My Exam Time


How My Mom Prepared ‘Herself’ For My Exam Time

How My Mom Prepared Herself For My Exam Time

March is here and so is exam time!

When it’s exam time, all moms are in a super panic mode, after the kids all the time, trying to prepare the kids for the exams. What they often forget is it’s not ‘just’ the child’s exams, but moms’ exam as well! And, moms need to prepare themselves too, for their kids’ exam days!

My son is yet in playschool and I haven’t yet faced those typical tough times that moms have to when their kids are preparing for exams.But, my mom certainly has!

She brought up two kids – myself and my elder sibling – helping us write exams after exams after exams; giving us the best atmosphere at home, giving us the most premium quality comfort and providing us with every thing required to do better in studies.

The question is,

How My Mom Prepared ‘Herself’ For My Exam Time?

Here’s what my mom did and what you as a mom should do to prepare yourself for your child’s exam time:

  1. Grocery Shopping: My mom finished all her grocery shopping in advance for the next 15 days (the exam days). You don’t want to waste your time penning down the grocery list when your child wants you to help her with a numerical.
  2. Partying: My mom excused herself from her kitty parties, mehendi functions, ladies’ sangeet functions and even religious get-togethers!If you party outside the house, there are very less chances that your child will be able to focus on studies inside the house.
  3. Hosting parties: My mom totally avoided celebrating her husband’s promotion or hosting a kitty party or even hosting her wedding anniversary party at home, when it was my exam time.If hosting a party can be avoided – it must be avoided!
  4. Long chats on phone: My mom finished all her long phone calls to relatives when I was sleeping or away at school writing my exams.Don’t take or make calls in front of kids unless it’s very urgent or important – especially phone calls which are all about leisurely chats!
  5. Guests: My mom never invited guests at home for a leisurely trip and found it criminal to do so especially when it was my exam time.Of course, some guests can’t be avoided or said no to, but try not to initiate or extend invitations to guests who would visit you for stay overs, when it’s your child’s exam time.
  6. Repair work: My mom got all house-related repair work done in advance or postponed it for my after-exam days if she could.Hammers hitting the wall all the day or that drilling machine’s vibrations are disturbing enough for your child to not let her concentrate on that science concept.
  7. TV shows: My mom skipped all her daily TV soaps when my exams were around. Although, in those days she didn’t have YouTube or hotstar, but you can always catch up on them on the Internet later. If you settle down at a particular time every day to enjoy your TV show, then in no way can you expect your kid to learn up those question answers from social studies.
  8. Attention: My mom finished up all her household work as quickly as she could and spent most of the remaining time with me my study table.You might not be teaching your child a particular subject, but just your attention and your presence by his side will make him feel better by tonnes.
  9. Book Reading: To encourage and motivate me to study better during the exams, my mom used to take up a favorite book of hers (not an e-book or an audio book, but a hard copy of any book) and sit by my side reading that book when I studies for exams.If you do this, it gives your child a feel that even Mom’s studying along with me.
  10. Time Table: My mom used to set up a time table for the household and put it up on refrigerator door.Time tables are not meant for school going kids only. Let everybody in the house follow a set routine making things more predictable for you and your child who needs a set routine during exam time to make her feel more confident.

Hope these experiences of my mom will help you prepare better for your child’s exam time! If there’s anything that you do to make your child and yourself better, then please do share it with all moms here in the comments box below! 🙂

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