How To Clean Baby Things: Guide For New Moms

How To Clean Baby Things: Guide For New Moms

How To Clean Baby Things: Guide For New Moms

With their sensitive skin and alarming tendency to nibble on everything within eyesight, baby things need careful care to keep them hygienic and safe.

This simple guide on ‘How To Clean Baby Things’ breaks down everything from how to sterilize baby bottles to what to do with second-hand gear in just five easy steps.

1. Strollers

Some strollers can make for a complex cleaning job so before you start you need to get an idea of what you can expect. For newborns, check if the flat stroller has a lift out mattress. Then, all you need to do is wipe this down and wash the sheet on top. Dried on dirt covering the wheels can be given a quick soak in a washing up bucket: softening grime so you can speedily clean it with a stiff brush. Utilising an attachment on your hoover is an excellent approach to get rid of loose debris and crumbs.

How To Clean Baby Things: Guide For New Moms

For sit-up strollers, sponge the fabric for sticky stains then use a vacuum to get rid of loose dirt. Whatever style you choose for your little one, keep your stroller in good condition by drying it off when wet, using a rain cover and keeping well away from damp garages. Store at room temperature if possible.

2. Slings

Babies love being snuggled up to you where it’s warm and they can be reassured by your heartbeat. When choosing a sling, pay attention to the fabric. If possible, go for something hard wearing that will last through a lot of washes. You’ll find an especially durable selection in camping stores. When it comes to taking care of your chosen sling, read the manufacturer’s instructions and buckle any buckles before you put it in the machine.

3. Baby Bottles

A very important part of your baby’s life for their first year, there’s a lot of specialist equipment you can buy that promises to sterilize bottles. However, working out how to sterilize baby bottles shouldn’t be that complicated. The simplest option is to rinse out your bottles before using a dishwasher on a hot program.You can also boil, steam, microwave or even cold sterilize your bottles. This guide on how to sterilize baby bottles goes into more depth about each method so you can learn how to sterilize baby bottles in the way that suits you best. Remember to check which parts need to be washed separately before putting everything in the dishwasher, as some brands of bottle need to be dismantled before sterilizing.

4. Swings and Walkers

Like all equipment used for your baby, avoid treating these with harsh household cleaners and detergents. If your swing has a machine-washable seat pad you may want to use a non-biological detergent that doesn’t contain enzymes that can cause sensitive skin to flare up in some cases.Before you put them into the ‘never-to-be-read-again’ pile, it’s important to go over the care instructions that come with your swing or walker. It may need special treatment like cold washing that can keep it in better condition for longer periods.

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5. Second-hand Gear

Whether you’re getting prepared for round two or cleverly investing in second-hand equipment, cleaning used baby gear without using harsh chemicals can seem like a challenge. Try using a natural cleaner like vinegar or a baking soda solution. For fabrics it’s a good idea to use a steamer. You can scrub stubborn stains with a mild soap, before wiping with a damp cloth.

So, there you have it. Five easy steps to get your baby equipment spic and span in no time.

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