How To Create The Perfect Nursery

How To Create The Perfect Nursery

Expecting a baby can be a very exciting time. It is also an extremely busy period in which you need to get everything ready for your new arrival. Not only do you need a whole wardrobe of new clothes and heaps of toys, but you also need to get a nursery ready. Otherwise, your little bundle of joy won’t have anywhere to sleep! So what exactly do you need in a nursery? Here are my five top tips to help you create the cutest one ever.

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How To Create The Perfect Nursery

Finish any DIY

Once you know which room you will turn into a nursery, double check in case it needs re-plastering, a new floor or the doors re-hanging. If you find a small issue with some of the DIY, it is better to sort it out now, rather than wait until the baby arrives. If you wait until it turns into a big problem, sorting it out could mean ruining some aspects of your perfect nursery. To keep things cheap, carry out any small DIY jobs yourself. If you’d prefer, you can always call out a handyman.

Childproof The Room

It is important that your nursery provides a very safe environment for your child. To childproof it, try and keep sharp corners and edges to a minimum. You can also cover plug sockets to prevent children from putting their fingers in them. Another great idea is to switch a regular light for a dimmer, to help your child get used to the dark.

Get Painting

If you know the sex of your baby already, you may want to go for a girly pink or a boyish blue. If you don’t know what you will be having, or want to keep the room’s decor gender-neutral, then opt for a color such as lilac, yellow or cream. Light pastel colors go very well in nurseries. If you are feeling extra creative, buy some stencils and paint the walls with shapes and patterns!

Pick a Bed

Your child will need somewhere to sleep! For the first few months, they will need to sleep in a cot. ´Most cots will be made from wood, and some will come with extra decorative features. Some parents choose to paint their cot to match their nursery’s decor. Once your baby grows up, you’ll need to get them their first bed. If you want something slightly different for your child, check out these cute toddler beds for boys and girls.

Finishing Touches

Add some cute finishing touches to your design! Toy boxes are not only a great storage solution, but they can also add color to the decor. It’s also a good idea to put a couple of teddy bears out on display and mount pictures to the wall to make the room feel homely. You will probably get a lot of gifts and presents once your baby arrives. If you receive any ornaments or keepsakes, display them on shelves in the nursery. Make sure any shelving is high up so your baby won’t knock anything down!

It won’t be long before the baby arrives, so you better get planning your perfect nursery right now!

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