Jewellery: Quilling Designs For Your Princess


Jewellery: Quilling Designs For Your Princess

Quilling is something that I have always found creative, interesting and unique; though I haven’t ever tried my hand at it.

If you or your daughter knows quilling and loves to make creative things out of it then here are some creative and kid specific designs for jewellery for your girl! Present it to her on her birthday or help her make one for herself. Try out these innovative designs and see everyone around you go bananas over it!

  1. How beautiful can a hairband get?
  2. A lace for your little one’s neck…
  3. Wanna have some coffee?
  4. Butterflies on my head!
  5. Two little ducks went ‘quilling’ one day!
  6. Bunny! Bunny! Why so funny?
  7. Now these are some literally angry birds!
  8. Kiss me princess!
  9. Beach Love
  10. Happy Birthday To You!
  11. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around…
  12. Somethings’s fishy here…
  13. As colorful as your creativity…
  14. Half butterflies in my stomach!
  15. Distorted Love!
  16. Ban kay titli dil uda hai…
  17. Goonja sa hai koi iktaaraa…
  18. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…
  19. That’s your minion, girl!
  20. The Owls go Hoot! Hoot!


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