Mother’s Day DIY Gifts To Make Her Feel Special


Mother’s Day DIY Gifts To Make Her Feel Special

Shopping for Mother’s day is not only hard but a very challenging task too. More so, when you are looking for something different and unexpected. Even if you browse online, you will find that most of the gifts are sold out before you even intend to buy them. So it is best to plan things in advance before you run out of options. How about trying something truly homemade or handmade? It will not only be exciting but a lot more fun too and will always let your Mom cherish the gift for a lifetime. A little effort is all that you need to put in the gift to make it exciting for her.


Here are some beautiful DIY gifts which will make your Mom feel out of the world and she will hold these homemade gifts, a lot closer to her heart.

Handmade Greeting Card

How about surprising your Mom with a beautiful greeting card? You can pen down your beautiful messages about your Mom to make her feel special. Complement it with a good cup of tea or coffee which is going to make her feel all the more privileged.

Photo Collage

You can get the initials of your mom’s name on a wooden board. And you can get a print of all the favourite photographs of your Mom in the form of a collage and you can paste it on the wooden alphabet. Your Mom will be truly mesmerized with the thoughtful present in hand.

Floral Arrangement

Pick up all the cramped tins in your house and paint them in your favourite color. Treat those cans as beautiful handmade vases and fill them up with fresh flowers. If you are running out of options, it is best to go for online flowers which will be best mother’s day gifts and fill the vase with flowers.

Tablet Holder

If you have a letter box at home you can convert it to a cute tablet holder. Just paint it and decorate it with buttons or maybe some colorful threads to make sure that it looks beautiful. You can keep the letterbox in any place be it the living room or her bedroom to ensure that the tablet is fully protected even when she is sleeping.

101 Reasons Why You Love Her

If you have playing cards at home, then you can use those to create a beautiful gift for your Mom. Just take some small message papers and paste them on the playing cards. Pen down a cute message on the message paper. Either sew them together or you can get it spiral bound. Secretly place it on her bed’s side table and just see the reaction on her face early in the morning when she notices it. She would definitely love it.

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with all the love and fun and plan in advance for your mom’s special gift. After all, she keeps everything ready for you on time and even beforehand. So, this is a special treatment that she deserves big time.

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