P.S. I Love You


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P.S. I Love You

P.S.- I Love You!

“I hate you Harshika”.

Wait for it.

“You’re the worst mom ever”.

Yup! That’s my 10 year old unleashing his wrath on me. To what do I owe this honor? I honestly do not know! So being a mom and having a sense of responsibility I go “hate is a strong word, don’t you think? You should always think about how you would feel if this was said to you and if it’s hurtful, don’t say it.”

(I’ll accept my ‘Mom Of The Year’ award now! Thank you!).

So after a brief pause he goes – “I do not like you Harshika, you are the worst mom ever!”

(Okay then! You can have the award back now!)

I kid you not, had I said any of that to my mom, I promise you I would not be around today to write this piece! She was a terror, my mother, back in the day she was often referred to as Hitler (by her ‘prodigies’ of course). We now call her a retired vampire, the fangs maybe a tad bit rusty but they are there. Oh they still are! I write this with the knowledge that she’s not on any social media platform and has no way of knowing what I write unless I send it to her 😉 

(I’ll take the “smartest daughter of the year” award as a replacement)

Do I wish things were different? Do I wish that my son would “reserve” his comments and not express everything he ‘feels’? Ummmm, the house (and my blog) would be a lot quieter but his mind wouldn’t. He is his own person, with feelings and logic. I’m sure even I had my feelings though I never dared expressing them. Also, I actually am happy that he feels confident enough to say it to me. He knows he can and it will be alright. He will be okay. Besides who better than me to advocate the importance of expressing! He knows how he has to ‘censor’ them in public I think (everyone else other than Siri, who has been asked to call him “Mamma is crazy” thinks he is amazing) so in actual fact I’m his ‘safe zone’.

(Hand me my award back now please!)

So yea, I do not wish for things to be different and for him to be any less expressive. If he has this urge to let out everything he feels and thinks without a filter so be it. He disliked me at that point in time for whatever reason and it’s fine. Nobody is perfect, we all have our moments. The good news is, with the bad comes the good and how can I say that? ‘Cos every ‘I-hate-you’ is often followed by ‘I-love-you-more-than-you-love-me’. 

Errrr the award guys ? I’m waiting! 

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