There’s No Substitute for Mother’s Love


There’s No Substitute for Mother’s Love

Hello ladies!

It’s been long long long (like, really long) since I blogged about the awesome-ness of being a mother. Well! Any guesses, as to what’s keeping me busy?

Before that, I have a special disclaimer…

I am blogging today, for those moms who had a full fledged full time flourishing career before having a baby, which went for a toss after having one AND for those who were working before and during pregnancy and wish to continue working after having the baby too.

My message to all those beautiful ambitious Mommies out there is: “There is no substitute for Mother’s love”.

Nothing, nobody, just no one can replace you and your love. Careers can definitely take a back seat and be taken up any other time in life. Even your master’s degree can wait!


But, what won’t wait is: Your baby!

Her growth won’t wait! How he takes his first bite, her first toothy grin, his biting onto the teether hard enough to mark it, her first attempt to scoot forward or hold the furniture and stand up: none of this will wait. And, chances are that most of this will happen while you are busy preparing that complicated report at work or trying to argue over your point at a meeting.

Never ever in life will these beautiful moments come back because babies grow so fast (rapidly rather) and you just want to be with them all the time, capturing every single moment of their growing years, in your heart as well as in your camera.

Moreover, why do you wan’t to torture your physical self by trying to almost kill yourself fulfilling the expectations of your boss and baby at the same time?

What? Did I just hear – ‘Daycare’? Ha! They are no good either! You have no control over the group of babies or kids your baby is growing up with, nor over the background of maids who are handling your baby there. You won’t ever give your baby stale food, let him sleep or cry with a dirty diaper, leave him fussy and cranky even for 5 minutes or use foul words while trying to stop him from doing something; but, their are very strong chances that the daycare people will!

So! Getting back to my original question: “What kept me busy all this while?”.

Earlier, it used to be the growing demands of my growing baby. But, life goes on, we adjust to things and learn to manage them as and when they come to us! And, so did I!

I have mastered the art of sleeping less and working more; eating in no time (and by that I mean – ‘literally’ no time!), bathing in the wink of an eye, getting ready for a party in just like 15 mins (did your jaw just drop?) and even bathing my LO at 6 in the morning, changing a wet diaper in the pitch darkness of the room and sleeping whole night on one side of mine, only to be gifted with a terrible backache the next morning! Yes! I’ve mastered it all!

This complacency with my new Mommy life urged me to look for something new to do! Something I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage, yet try my hand at, only to realize later that I can do it! And what else could it have been, other than a handsome job (the answer to my first question!)

The job bug struck me soon after my LO turned 7 months. He assured me his independence pretty much and something inside me told me that he wasn’t a baby anymore (though he still is one and will always be, physically) and that led to the start of a ‘Job Search”.

Uploading resumes, mailing people, applying for jobs are common rituals that a genuine job seeker performs. Even I did and got through soon enough!

A call from the company, a good enough interview and a suitable desirable salary – everything just as I wanted it to be. Do you know the best part about it?

This job gives me full flexibility of working from home! I was on cloud nine, when the employers permitted me to do that!

I am now at home all the time, with my baby, not missing a single moment of his life. I work when the baby sleeps or plays and I am happy am able to manage it well.

My career is not at a halt, my baby is not missing his mother, my professional skills are getting honed everyday, I am progressing within the comforts of my home and most important of all: I am not guilty of not looking after my baby: my primary and most important responsibility.

Hope this line of thought will keep the Moms of some attention-and-love-hungry babies home! And don’t forget, there’s no substitute for Mother’s love, not even the baby’s father can make up for it!

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