Top 10 Things To Pack In Your Diaper Bag



Hello Mummas!


Have you ever been really nervous and stressed just before going out with your newborn. Packing up for the baby, getting ready yourself, getting things in place and what not- I know it is tiring! Ah!

I remember, when my son was a newborn baby and if my husband made a spontaneous plan of an ice cream party at the nearby joint – it would get me on my toes till the moment we locked the house door.

Thankfully, my son has outgrown the ‘Oh-where’s-the-diaper-bag’ age, so I’m pretty relaxed at that end when it comes to outings now. But, I very well understand the plight of new Mommies who have to get the diaper bag in place before leaving the house.

So, here’s my very own and special Top 10 checklist for all you new Mommies out there. Just save it in your smart phone, or print and stick it in the baby’s nursery. I bet you’ll love it and it’ll come really handy when you think of stepping out with your LO.

TEN Things to pack:

  1. Diapers and Diapering Essentials. Since it’s a ‘diaper’ bag, diapers are the most essential ones! Keep one for every hour! You never know if your baby gets an upset stomach while you’re out or you have to stay out longer than you thought! Diapering Essentials, like, a plastic sheet or changing mat, wet wipes, diaper disposal bags, diaper rash cream, baby powder are a must.
  2. A pair of fresh clothes as your baby might leak a diaper, or spit up and you might have to rush to change her clothes.
  3. Feeding Bib, burping cloths and washcloths
  4. rattle or your baby’s favorite toy or teether, to distract or entertain your baby.
  5. An extra shirt or dress for yourself, in case your baby spits up on you.
  6. Formula or baby food, (if your baby is not on your milk only) along with sterilized feeding bottles
  7. Warm water in a flask and plain water for both you and the baby (if you feed him water, then you also need to carry a sippy cup)
  8. swaddle or two to swaddle the baby or a light blanket which might come handy when your baby falls asleep
  9. Feeding Cloak. A very useful thing when in public.
  10. Liquid soap or hand sanitizer

This is the most exhaustive list I could think of, out of my experience. If you feel I’ve left out on something, please feel free to add it as a comment below, so that together we’re able to help other new Mummas out there!

Happy Outing with your LO!

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