What Not To Do?


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What Not To Do?

As ‘Mummas’, we always give and take advises on what should be done, what is simply a must and what should just not slip out of our minds at all!

But! No book, no website and ‘Nobody’ tells us: “What not to do!”

So, as a dedication to my 8 months old motherhood, here I am with my golden list of ‘Do-Nots’!

*Firstly, do not, don’t, never, never ever compare your child with another!

Trust me, it does you no good. When they say, all babies grow at their own pace, they actually mean it. No matter how early or late, your child WILL grow teeth, start to sit, scoot,crawl or stand, walk and run marathons. She will surely do it one day! Absolutely surely!

*Don’t save good (or for that matter, any- just any!) baby clothes for future occasions!

You have it, you make ’em wear it! They unbelievably outgrow their clothes overnight! You might just save that cutie pie frog onsie for Sam’s birthday party, only to realise on that day, that you gotta pass it on to another younger baby down the lane!

*Don’t underestimate your baby!

It is absolutely wrong to think that just because they say that teething occurs between 4 to 7 months, means that my baby won’t get teething troubles when she’s just about two months old! Let me tell you, they are much sharper and stronger and smarter than we think them to be!

*Don’t let anybody else judge the baby and baby related issues!

God has made ‘YOU’ and only you-the Mumma of the little one! Nobody, other than you and your motherly intuition, can tell better- why your baby is cranky, sick, sleepy, tired or is doing whatever she is doing the way she is doing it!

*Don’t try to judge the looks of the baby!

Why isn’t she fair?” “Why does he have a flat nose?” “Ew! Look at that toe nail!”

Babies are just too too young to be commented on their looks by us! They are just in the process of getting formed (or beautified, rather!). Well, you can’t taste the pizza while it is getting baked! Can you?

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